Features of Blackdog

  • Audios :
    • Management of the main audio formats (mp3, ogg, flac, etc...).
    • Management of web radios.
    • Information about a song :
      • Rate
      • Date of creation
      • Date when the song was last played.
      • Number of time an item was played.
      and of course the traditional pieces of information :
      • Title
      • Artist
      • Album
      • Cat├ęgory
      • Track number
      • Author
      • Comment
      Those informations are presents and can be modified even if the format does not supports tags.
    • Modify the caracteristics of song without opening a dialog window.
    • Modify caracteristics of several items at a time.
    • Real-time modifications of the tags of audio files.
    • Move/copy a group of items to another directory.
  • Readers :
    • Could chose the reader to use. Currently, there are two available readers :
      • MPlayer based reader which is the default one.
      • Reader based on the Java audio framework (only allows to play the most commons audio formats).
  • Editors :
    • Playlist editor :
      • Allow to filter on the items of a playlist by entering criterions : allow to find a song fast.
      • Choose which information of the item you want to see in the editor (track number, rate, etc..).
      • Sorting (allow, for example, to sort items according to their rate).
      • Complete playlists by using drag'n drop.
  • Tools :
    • Editor which allow to visualize images relative to the item currently played :
      • Use the images in the directory of the item.
      • Could indicate the default image to use for a song.
      • Search for new images on the web :
        • Get in real-time images found by using the caracteristics of the song.
        • Allow to save images on the directory of the song.
        • Choose the search engine; today, only one plugin is available : it searchs images using Google search engine.
          Some others search engines will be added in the next months.
        Available parameters :
        • Maximum images found.
        • Choose the size of the images downloaded.
    • Tools that allow to search for the lyrics of a song according to the database of leo'lyrics.
      As image searchers, anothers lyrics providers will be added later.
  • Scan :
    Blackdog only needs to know the directory where you have the habit to store your audio files.
    When it knows it, you only have to launch another scan and blackdog will automatically adds new items in your audio library.